As is tradition with every single Steam sale, the dates for this year’s Steam Summer Sale have leaked.

This time round, the dates were confirmed by SteamDB’s Pavel Djundik on Twitter. Djundik says that the dates were originally leaked by Chinese developers and that Djundik has since received confirmation that they’re correct.

As with the Steam Summer Sale 2019, the Steam Summer Sale 2020 will run from June 25th until July 9th.

The Summer Sale is one of the biggest that Steam hosts each year, rivalled only by Steam’s Winter Sale. That means that you’ve got just over a month to prepare your wallet for deep discounts and promotions.

It’s also highly likely that the Summer Sale will feature some sort of fun event, similar to last year’s 2019 Grand Prix.

We’ll be keeping you updated on deals and fun offers all throughout the event, so keep your eyes peeled.