Steam Summer Sale reportedly set to start on June 25th


15, 2019

Author Ash // in Game, News

According to SteamDB, multiple sources have confirmed that the Steam Summer Sale is slated to start on June 25th and run for two weeks.

Valve try their best to not announce any of the sale dates before they happen, preferring to suddenly spring surprise sales on their customers instead. Of course, as is tradition, the dates have been leaked nonetheless.

The Steam Summer Sale has some of the biggest discounts and deals of any Steam Sale during the year. However, it’s not the next sale set to happen – that’s the Steam Spring Sale.

The Steam Spring Sale tends to last around one week and doesn’t have as many deep cut discounts as the Summer Sale does. Because of this, you might be better off waiting until June to hopefully snap up a bargain on that game you’ve been eyeing.

The next big sale after the Summer Sale is the Steam Winter Sale, which isn’t set to start until December. While it’s a beefy sale with deals and discounts similar to its Summer counterpart, it is an entire 7 months away, so we heartily recommend shopping the Summer Sale for the games you want.

In order to be prepared for all the deals that will be thrown at you, we suggest updating your wishlist, keeping an eye on SteamDB for game prices, and scouring the Steam store often. Happy shopping!

Source: steamDB.

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