There was a huge change in Fortnite recently – they added the ability to re-deploy your glider whilst falling. The change was divisive, but it was added as more of a test-feature rather than a definite addition.

For the unaware, Fortnite’s gameplay only allowed for the deployment of your glider under two circumstances – during the initial drop and after using a rift. During testing, the ability to re-deploy the glider in every game mode during a considerable drop, drastically changing the game’s meta.

Epic announced today that the feature will be removed in all default modes. For now, larger modes will still give you access to the feature while Epic continues to test it.

“We are disabling Glider Re-Deploy in all default modes starting in v6.30,” Epic said. “It will remain in the larger team modes (e.g. Soaring 50s, Disco Domination etc.) and Playground to allow ongoing experimentation with this feature.”

Fortnite Battle Royale is currently free-to-play on Xbox One.

Source: Fortnite