Star Citizen has raised $400 million but not enough for a release date

November 22, 2021
Star Citizen

Star Citizen has surpassed the $400 million funding goal, yet there is still no word of a release date from Cloud Imperium Games.

After first appearing as a Kickstarter all the way back in April of 2013, Cloud Imperium Games’ Star Citizen has been the subject of plenty of adoration and ridicule, yet as the years have gone on, the game has kept making shedloads of money

Despite the absolute mountain of cash that Cloud Imperium Games has raised for Star Citizen and Squadron 42, the pair of games are still appearing to be no closer to release. Star Citizen has at least been receiving steady updates to slowly improve the early access state of the game, but there is very little news surrounding the single-player Squadron 42

Cloud Imperium Games founder Chris Roberts has previously stated that the most we can expect is that “Squadron 42 will be done when it is done, and will not be released just to make a date,” 

If you want to test out how Star Citizen is going for yourself then you’re in luck, as the game is currently having a free-fly period until December 1st. During this time players will be able to experience the in-game Intergalactic Aerospace Expo, which will allow players to test out the exciting new ships on display for free. 

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According to Chris Roberts, we won’t be hearing about the release date of Squadron 42 until Cloud Imperium Games is “closer to the home stretch and have high confidence in the remaining time needed to finish the game to the quality we want,” so we may be waiting for a while yet.

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