Splashtop 2 Remote Desktop App Arrives In Windows Phone Store, Free For Limited Time


Splashtop 2 Windows Phone

There are only handful of remote desktop apps available in Windows Phone Store. Today, Splashtop 2 remote desktop Splashtop 2 Windows Phone QRapp arrived in Windows Phone Store. It gives you high-performance remote access to your PC or Mac from your Windows Phone. They claim Splashtop is the only remote access  product capable of delivering full audio and HD video streaming and even interactive 3D gaming. You need to purchase their optional Anywhere Access Pack to make most out of their app/service runs $1.99 a month. Install Splashtop’s free Streamer software on your PC or Mac.

The Windows Phone client is free through August 31, so grab it soon.

Download it here from Windows Phone Store.