Microsoft Outlook is one of the best Android apps that help millions of users connect their email accounts, calendars, files. And Microsoft is working towards making the Outlook app on Android even better.

As first spotted by renowned reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi, Microsoft is working on a new feature that will let users sort Contacts in Outlook for Android. Users will be able to sort contacts by First name or Surname, thereby giving you the option to choose how the contacts appear in the list. You will find this new feature in the Outlook Settings.

The feature is currently in the developmental phase, meaning you can’t find the Contact Setting in the Outlook Android app as yet. It seems that the company is testing it internally and courtesy of the reverse engineer, we just got to know about the feature. On his Twitter handle, the reverse engineer also shared what the UI of the upcoming Contacts Settings will look like. You see the below images to develop a better idea of the UI.

However, this isn’t a groundbreaking feature, but it’s good that Microsoft is finally working towards adding this basic feature to Outlook.

Meanwhile, you can download the Microsoft Outlook app on your Android phone from the below link.

Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Outlook
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