Sony’s PlayStation Showcase event is expected this month

May 9, 2023

New reports claim Sony Interactive Entertainment will have its own PlayStation Showcase prior to the big events from other companies in June. According to a list of events circulating online, the tentative timeframe is expected within the week of May 25, though it could also happen in early June.

Next month, the gaming community will be showered with tons of events that will share some interesting details about different titles from different publishers and creators. However, it seems Sony wants to open this month of gaming events by launching its own a week earlier. According to game journalist Jeff Grubb in his Twitter post, the event could arrive a few weeks from now, though “it could happen earlier.” A report from VGC claims sources says this is true, which will give fans a peek into upcoming PlayStation games.

If this is all real, the Sony event will arrive before other huge events earlier announced to the gaming fans, including the Summer Game Fest on June 8, Xbox + Bethesda Showcase on and Starfield Direct on June 11, Nintendo Live in September, and more. 

The news follows the announcement about the cancellation of the 2023 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) after the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) and ReedPop claimed that the event “simply did not garner the sustained interest necessary to execute it in a way that would showcase the size, strength, and impact of our industry.” To recall, rumors started earlier this year about big game publishers like Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo skipping E3. However, it is unsurprising for Sony, given that the company stopped participating in 2019 due to a reported conflict with ESA.

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