Sony says you shouldn’t upgrade your VAIO PC to Windows 10 yet


Last month, Microsoft released Windows 10, and some OEMs has already delivered driver updates for their devices for Windows 10. Unfortunately though, Sony is yet to deliver driver updates for its VAIO devices. The company’s support page is warning users with the following statement:

“To ensure your VAIO PC works with Windows 10, it is strongly recommended that you wait to upgrade your PC until the drivers are ready.

We are testing supported models and will be providing the results as quickly as possible. We plan to release Windows 10 upgrade information and, for Windows 8 and 8.1 models, drivers, applications and detailed information on the schedule below based on the operating system originally installed on the PC.”

As it seems like, Sony is still working on the drivers for its VAIO PCs. If you’re a VAIO user, you should probably wait for the company to release the drivers.

Source: Sony – Via: Myce