Sony is working on a fix to the console killing CMOS problem

April 22, 2021
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Sony is said to be working on the CMOS problem that could ultimately turn your PS4 into a very expensive paperweight. 

The problem is caused by the internal clock battery on the PlayStation 4 and 5 console, which if it dies stops disks from being read and cripples the console. 

While the PlayStation Store is around, it’s not a cataclysmic problem, as the battery can be replaced, and synched to the PlayStation Network, which will re-enable all features.

Before substantial pushback that saw the change reverted, the PlayStation 3, Vita, and PSP online stores were all set to close. If the same were to happen to the PlayStation 4 down the line, the console would be rendered entirely useless. 

The PlayStation 5 is thankfully less affected by this issue, with game preservation team Does It Play finding that a variety of PS4 disks and some PS5  titles were unaffected, even after CMOS death.

Thankfully, on Twitter, Does it Play announced that “We are hearing reports from various people that Sony is looking at ways to address Cbomb.” so there is hope on the horizon. 

It’s unsure how long a fix like this might take, but it’s undoubtedly good news that they are looking for a fix to the console ruining problem.

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