Sony CEO Hints At Possible Xperia Windows Phone Device

February 7, 2014

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Sony is going through business restructuring as it continues to lose huge amount of money quarter of quarter. As part of the revised strategy, Sony yesterday announced that they are going to sell its loss making VAIO PC division. VAIO division is the bridging gap between Microsoft and Sony since Windows is the default OS for VAIO PCs. Since Sony is selling the VAIO division, Sony is not going to sell Windows devices anymore. Speaking at a press conference, Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai confirmed that Sony is not going to make Windows based PCs but will consider making Sony Mobile products such as Xperia smartphones and tablets based on Windows RT or Windows Phone OS.

“Microsoft has various OSes, including mobile. So, as Sony, we will consider new product development going forward.”

This is not the first time we are getting information about possible Sony Xperia Windows Phone devices. As per previous reports, Sony might be launching 1-2 Xperia Windows Phone devices by mid-2014. Are you looking forward to it?

via: CNET Source: Ascii

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