Someline, a great puzzle game made by Loon Apps


5, 2014

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Someline, a great puzzle game made by Loon Apps

Someline is the new and addictive puzzle game made by Loon Apps. In Someline, you have to connect colored squares with your finger. Previous game by Loon Apps are Catch, Match and Covy Rush.

In each puzzle of someline, you have to connect the square of the same color. To play slide you finger on screen from one square to another until they are connected.

While playing someline, you will discover new rules that increase the difficulty as bicolor square, rainbow path, rotating squares… and so on.

Someline has 8 worlds (120 levels). The 2 firsts worlds are free. For more levels, you can purchase the two worlds packs : the Master Pack ($0.99) and the Elite pack ($0.99).

To play, download someline from the windows phone store, or visit the web page of the game.

Watch someline trailer below to see the someline in action:

SOMELINE - Connect the colored squares



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