Some more info about the Nokia Lumia 822

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We have had some more info about the Nokia Lumia 822 for Verizon.

In terms of Windows 8, on the device Bing Maps will be branded Nokia Maps.  Nokia Drive can download over 55 voices, including “surfer dude”. Documents can be shared via Bluetooth, tap2send, or outlook, and photos via tap2send, Bluetooth, messaging, outlook, Facebook, LinkedIn, OneNote and twitter.

When application are tapped and held, besides pinning to the start screen one can also now pin to Kids Corner. Windows Phone 7 apps work flawlessly.

When connected to a Windows 7 PC the device is not recognized, and is not mounted as a removable drive. Zune also does not recognize it.

Voice dictation in email works very well, but there is no obvious way to send an email completely hands-free.

The 16 GB handset has a microSD card slot. The device does feature wireless charging, but the shell is not removable or replaceable. The handset feels plasticky, much like the HTC Trophy, and is somewhat taller and wider, and will retail for only $49.99.

It seems, despite the mere 2 increment, the device is actually very different than the Nokia Lumia 820.

Thanks to our tipster.