So what’s Tegra all about?


Now that we "know" a HTC device will finally ship with nVidia’s Tegra chipset on board, many who have not followed the issue closely may wonder that its all about.  Here is a reminder of the features we expect the chips to bring, and a demo video.

  • NVIDIA HD AVP (High Definition Audio Video Processor) with NVIDIA® PureVideo® technology
    • Capture or playback HD 720p movies with your mobile device
    • Unprecedented picture quality and ultra-smooth, vivid movie playback with low CPU use and power consumption
  • Superior Imaging
    • Take sharp and steady pictures with a 12 MP camera with a built-in image stabilization algorithm
    • Integrated image signal processor (ISP) with proprietary algorithms that enables image and video stabilization, face tracking, and advanced trick modes.
  • NVDIA ULP GeForce technology
    • GeForce graphics technology architected for low-power applications
    • Superior 3D user interface capabilities based on a unique compositing framework that delivers seamless web browsing
  • NVDIA nPower™ technology
    • Enables the industry’s longest HD video and MP3 playback on your phone or mobile device
    • Optimizes system power use
  • True dual-display subsystem for flexibility of use
    • Entertainment—watch a movie on an HDMI display and use your phone as a remote control device
    • Business—present your proposal on a FWVGA projector using your phone as a pointing device
    • Personal—show your favorite photos on a television while previewing them on your phone


I wonder if the Palm Pre took any inspiration from here…


By the way, not all media devices need to be devoid of keyboards…


Thanks mweb586 for the link.