Snapchat client Specter will now let you add friends in latest update

by Surur
March 21, 2016


Against all odds Snapchat client Specter is still in the store, with the developer actively working on the app.

The app is now up to version 1.2.10 and the latest update adds the ability to add friends from inside the app.

Of course despite the developer’s efforts the app’s future continues to be tenuous, which users should bear in mind when they consider spending £1.19 for the app.

The developer is however aware of this issue, and has told buyers he intend to continue to make the app available (presumably via side-loading) even if it is removed from the store for some reason.

The app currently supports:

  • login with your existing account
  • send image and video messages
  • receive text, image and video messages
  • mark messages as viewed, screenshot or replayed

He is working on

  • sending text messages
  • image and video editor
  • saving messages to history
  • camera on the first page
  • posting and viewing persistent messages

£1.19 is less than a cup of coffee, so if you regularly purchase Starbucks and wish you had Snapchat download Specter from the store here.

Developer: JJones
Price: Free

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