Snapchat begins banning 6Snap users


20, 2014



After warning users of third party applications to cease and desist, Snapchat has finally taken action. A Windows Phone user has reported that Snapchat has locked his account for using Rudy Huyn’s 6snap. To be fair, Snapchat is not targeting just Windows Phone users, but people who use Android and iOS third party apps as well. The issue here being that Windows Phone – unlike the other two – lacks an officially sanctioned means to access Snapchat. Therefore users who want to use Snapchat must now then choose to download third-party apps. This means they in effect have two options; don’t use Snapchat or use a third party Snapchat app and get blocked. From the perspective of the user, it simply isn’t fair.

Many people who use Snapchat use it to socialize, Windows Phone, while a small OS has several millions of users. These users have social groups and people who would use iOS and Android and may also chose to use Snapchat. In other words, there is no way for many people to just choose not to use Snapchat. By excluding them, Snapchat isn’t doing the Windows Phone community any favours, nor are they helping their own image in the eyes of the community..

Sadly, as I pointed out yesterday, they’re not the only ones.

Source: Reddit

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