Smash Ultimate fans bully 15-year-old who beat pro player

July 4, 2019
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Members of Super Smash Bros Ultimate‘s community have been criticized for bullying a 15-year-old after she beat a pro Smash player.

Nicknamed Bocchi, the teenager beat pro player Ally, a Snake player, with Animal Crossing’s Isabelle. With Isabelle being deemed a mid-tier character, one that is rarely used in professional fights, many were upset that the teenager won. Although, with Bocchi also being one of the few female Smash players, an unhealthy dash of sexism definitely did not help the situation.

After her win, Bocchi took to Twitter to explain her thoughts about her newfound fame.

“Fame sucks,” Bocchi said. “I literally would have rather lost than set and have done nothing. Fame has brought nothing but stress and annoying [sic]. There are nice people but a lot of negativity came from it too… I hate this.”

“The worst of it comes from being a girl… they get on my ass saying all kinds of rude sh*t and it’s beyond stressful… [bring a teenage girl in] an extremely male-dominated community is very weird.”

After the bullying started, Bocchi distanced herself from social media, almost removing herself from the Smash community. She stated that all she was trying to do is “play the game and improve”, she didn’t want to be hated for winning.

Despite her win eventually bringing out a bad audience, her victory was celebrated locally. Upon her win, the crowd erupted, celebrating her impressive skills against Ally.

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Afterwards, Bocchi took to Twitter to thank everyone who supported her after the bullying commenced.

“The amount of kind words you guys have given me is honestly really overwhelming. It made me feel really wanted and i know now that i need to try harder to focus on the positive. I’m young, I’m not used to this much of attention”

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