Slack brings its desktop app to the Windows Store

Slack is finally bringing its desktop app to the Windows Store. The company today released its desktop app to the Windows Store via the Desktop App Converter, which is also known as Project Centennial.

As Slack’s app on the Windows Store is basically the Win32 app, there isn’t a huge difference in terms of the features and the user-interface of the app. However, Slack’s Windows Store app includes support for Live Tiles which is a pretty neat feature that will show your recent messages in the Start Menu. Additionally, the Windows Store app also has a different titlebar.

Slack bringing its app to the Windows Store is a pretty good news as it’ll be much easier to install the app now since you wouldn’t have to go to Slack’s website and download the .exe to install it — instead, you can just launch the Windows Store, search for Slack and hit the install button. Moreover, you will also get automatic updates for Slack via the Windows Store which is pretty awesome but it is important to note that Slack’s Win32 app already has a seamless auto-update system built-in.

It’s also worth mentioning that Slack isn’t the first app to bring its Win32 app to the Windows Store. Since the launch of the Desktop App Converter, a handful of companies released their apps on the Windows Store, including the likes of Kodi, Evernote, Arduino IDE, and more. Fun fact: even the Desktop App Converter itself is available from the Windows Store.

If you are interested, you can get Slack’s app from the Windows Store below.

Price: Free

Thanks for the tip, WinUsr!

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