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Security is one of the main reasons enterprises choose Microsoft Teams over Slack. In order to attract enterprises, Slack today announced several new features that will help IT admins to maintain compliance and security policies without requiring significant work from end users. Some of the new features that were announced today include support for FaceID/ToucID, ability to set default browser control, ability to block file downloads and more.

Find the full list of features below.

Available immediately

  • Secondary authentication controls on mobile – Available immediately, admins can now require an additional layer of security after logging in, via Face ID, Touch ID, or generated passwords.
  • Domain whitelisting tools – Available now, this allows admins to define which workspaces can be accessed within a corporate network, to ensure sensitive information isn’t shared to non-managed workspaces. [This is also available for Plus plan customers]
  • Block file downloads and message copy for mobile – Admins can restrict downloading sensitive files or copying messages onto mobile devices no managed by an EMM provider.

Available in the coming weeks

  • Session management tools – Admins can remotely wipe mobile or desktop sessions associated with a specific user in case a device is ever lost or stolen.

Available later this year

  • Default browser control – Admins can require all links from Slack to open in Blackberry or other browsers managed within a MAM container.
  • Jailbroken device detection – Admins can detect if a device is jailbroken and block access if so.
  • Force app upgrade – Admins can ensure employees are using the latest version of the Slack app so they can access new features and security updates.

Available early next year

  • Block file downloads on desktop – Admins can block file downloads on desktops accessing Slack from non-approved IP(s).

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