Skype finally trying to listen to end users


12, 2018

Microsoft purchased Skype for around $8 billion and then seemed determined to waste that investment by alienating its user base with a variety of unwelcome changes.

Recently, however, Microsoft appeared intent to reverse some of the more unwelcome plans, for example, keeping the old Win32 app around despite plans to end-of-life it, and getting user feedback into how they should bring back Split Window View in their next generation client.

Now in another sign of a sea change by the division, Skype has opened a uservoice site to gather direct feedback on the development requests of end users.

The news was announced on Twitter by Peter Skillman, Director of Design for Skype and Outlook.

The site already has quite a bit of feedback, with the top item being that the new client should work exactly the same as the old one, which is natural for those who do not want to lose features and functionality.

If you have a good idea or want to upvote another see the feedback site at here.

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