Shenmue 3 has been a dream of mine since I was a child, and ever since it has toyed with my heart. Not only has the game refused to see release during the entirety of my existence, but it has also refused to come to my platform of choice: Xbox One.

However, today, Shenmue 3 was listed for pre-order on publisher Deep Silver‘s official website. While the images were quickly taken down, keen-eyed viewers were quick to download the proof.

Users over on Resetera were quick to dive into the website’s metadata which revealed numerous links to the Xbox One port. However, with the game being announced way back on Sony’s E3 2014 stage all those years ago, is this port a possibility?

As for us, we’re very excited to see Shenmue 3 no matter what platform it’s available on. While the game’s recent delay was unfortunate, it should hopefully grant long-term fans a better quality product in the end.

When asked on Twitter about the possibility of an Xbox port, publisher Deep Silver said, “There are no current plans for an Xbox version of Shenmue 3.”