Sea of Thieves Xbox Series X enhancements will be announced in the future

June 1, 2020
Sea of Thieves Xbox Series X enhancements

For those who’ve been waiting to hear about upcoming Sea of Thieves Xbox Series X, here’s some news regarding the game’s next-gen version. Not much, but there’s some! 

Following the news of Xbox Series X’s impressively extensive backward compatibility method, Sea of Thieves executive producer Joe Neate explained that there will be some form of Sea of Thieves Xbox Series X enhancements. But while we now know the game will benefit from the next-gen hardware, we don’t know how.

“The [Xbox] team across in Redmond are doing an incredible job, as they always do. And no, we’re not telling you how Sea of Thieves is going to be benefitting yet,” Neate posted on Twitter.

Microsoft’s native backward compatibility for Xbox One games on Xbox Series X should mean that all first-party games will benefit from some form of enhancements, from resolution boosts to improved framerates.

Hopefully, with the generational leap granted by the impressive Xbox Series X specs, the upcoming Sea of Thieves Xbox Series X enhancements should make the game look fantastic for those who play on next-gen hardware. Ray-traced lighting maybe?

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