Samsung’s offficial Note10 cases leak out as well, confirm new colour variants


2, 2019

We’ve learned virtually everything about the Galaxy Note10 in the past few weeks, with the exception of the various software tricks Samsung will stuff it with. Where else to go but its official accessories, and a new leak from WinFuture.

The phone will come at least with several case styles, with cover cases, so users will be able to cover that bezel-less screen and protect it from being scratched and torn to shreds by sand, keys and what have you. You’ll have leather cases, for when you want your phone and your belt to feel like they’re in the same family. Transparent covers, for when you want everyone to know that you have a Samsung, and that “yes it’s the new one how did you guess?”. The firm’s popular LED covers will also make a return with the Note10.

You can find a selection of sample Note10 cases below.

Finally, and not least importantly, these leaks confirm the red and blue Samsung Galaxy Note10 colour variants alongside the Pink, Black and White variants we’ve seen over the past few weeks.

Samsung is expected to launch the Galaxy Note 10 at its Samsung Unpacked Event on the 7th of August next week.

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