Samsung Windows Mobile application store goes live in Europe


Unfortunately not for all countries, but Samsung Omnia owners in UK, France and Italy can now download applications directly to their device after installing the Samsung Application store.

Currently with only 300 applications, the store is set to expand to 2000 by the end of the year, and to also cover the Omnia 2 and Omnia Pro, and also to expand to more than 30 countries including Germany and Spain.

The Samsung Application Store allow users to browse a variety of applications including games, references, social networking services, e-books and health-related tools (e.g pedometer, eyesight test, etc) that are easily downloaded with one click. Publishers like Gameloft, Electronic Arts, Handmark, TAITO, Paragon SW, Capcom, Com2us, Prompt, Pearson Longman, Bokan Tech and Diotek are among the providers of applications to the Samsung Application Store.

The Application Store is designed to automatically display the relevant application catalogue available for a user’s specific Samsung mobile phone model, and works over cellular networks and Wi-Fi.

“With the launch of the Application Store, Samsung will increase mobile phone sales and add value for its mobile customers through the availability of carefully selected applications,” said Hosoo Lee, Executive Vice President of Samsung’s Media Solution Centre. “The Application Store will expand the service channel, not only on handheld devices but also on PCs through the launch of new PC software. The software will allow customers to download applications and manage them on a PC to maximize service usability.”

Users can browse the website for details, see featured applications and participate in online events or download the cab via this tinyurl directly from your mobile