Samsung to break Qualcomm’s stranglehold with an Exynos powered Windows 10 laptop

by Surur
February 24, 2021

Windows 10 in ARM was developed in close partnership with Qualcomm, but it is fair to say the company was not able to deliver the performance the OS required. This failure was thrown in sharp contrast by the Apple M1 chip debut, which ran Windows 10 in emulation better than Qualcomm’s best processor.

Now ZDNet Korea reports that Samsung is set to break Qualcomm’s stranglehold on Windows 10 on ARM by releasing an Exynos-powered laptop this year.

The laptop will reportedly be powered by the Exynos 2200 chipset paired with an AMD GPU. This SoC is expected to finally match the Apple M1 and exceed Qualcomm’s best efforts.

The laptop is expected to launch in Q3 2021, and will hopefully bring the same advantage of competition we have seen on the x86 platform in recent years, with AMD finally giving Intel a good run for their money.

via Neowin

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