Samsung teases new Exynos processor, could launch at today’s TechDay 2019 event


23, 2019

Samsung is holding its TechDay conference today and before the event, the company has dropped a teaser of its upcoming Exynos processor on Twitter.

The teaser, however, doesn’t give us any details about the processor, but rumor has it that it could either be Exynos 9630 or 9710. The Korean manufacturer might also launch a new flagship Exynos 9830, though the probability of a flagship Exynos processor seems to be quite low at this moment.

Samsung also teased Artifical Intelligence in the video, and that could be a hint that the new upcoming Exynos processor will come with a dedicated Neural Processing Unit (NPU).

According to IndiaToday, this could be the Exynos 9630 — a processor for mid-range smartphones like Galaxy A series.

Samsung Tech Day 2019 will begin at 10 AM PT (05:00 PM GMT) and at the event, Samsung is expected to talk extensively about their new Exynos processor.

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