Samsung spokesperson confirms that the company still isn’t ready to launch Galaxy Fold

Ever since the launch of Galaxy Fold back in February, Samsung has been running into problems with the design which has forced the company to cancel the launch on various occasions. However, it looked like the device was finally ready as the device was spotted on a Metro in New Delhi last week. Not only that, but a report from Bloomberg also claimed that the device was ready for launch as the company has made improvements to the design of the device.

As it turns out, Samsung is still not ready to talk about Galaxy Fold. According to a piece published by VosveteIT, the Samsung spokesperson in Czech and Slovak have no idea about the re-launch and availability of Galaxy Fold. When asked about the device, the company spokesman David Sahula said, “… to Galaxy Fold we currently have no new information.”

Unfortunately, being the first company to launch a foldable device completely backfired for Samsung. Even the CEO of Samsung, DJ Koh admitted that the whole Galaxy Fold debacle has been embarrassing for Samsung.