Samsung Releases Family Story Exclusive App For Windows Phone Devices

Samsung has released an exclusive app for its Windows Phone devices. Family Story is a private network where you can share photos, messages, manage family events, with your family members alone.

App Description:

An exclusive sharing space for your family. Strengthen family bonding by creating your own family story.
– Family Story is a tighter and more private social network services that you can connect, communicate and share memories with your family members or close friends. By downloading family story app on your mobile, you can,
1) Enjoy family photos: Upload photos and leave comments that family members can view from anywhere via the phone, tablet, PC or TV
2) Share message: Enhance communication by writing a message and showing it to all family members
3) Manage family events: strengthen family bonding by sharing family events/reminders earlier with family
– Photos, memos and events can be shared only with Group Members who’ve already accepted Group Invitation (Group Invitation can be sent to Samsung Account or Mobile Phone number by Group Members)
It’s Samsung’s N Screen Convergence Service!
– Family Story is available on various Samsung Smart Devices such as Samsung Windows Phone, Samsung Galaxy Smart Phone, Galaxy Tab and Smart TV. It can also be accessed via PC web browser (

Download it here from the Marketplace.

via: AAWP