Samsung plans to use front camera to track the fingers on its projection keyboard


30, 2019

Author Anmol // in Samsung

Projection keyboards have been around for a while now but they haven’t gained much traction among the audience who still prefer the traditional touch keyboard on mobile devices.

However, it looks like Samsung might be planning to change the whole concept of projection keyboards. According to new information, Samsung is working on something called “SelfieType”. According to the company, SelfieType will leverage both AI and the front camera to track the finger position for improved typing experience. The company is expected to share more details about it at CES 2020.

There is one issue with the concept though. Traditionally projection keyboards use lasers to project a keyboard layout and track the input. Without the keyboard projection, it would be hard for the user to know where to put their fingers and it will be hard for the software to track the input as well. Samsung claims to overcome this issue by using AI but it seems a bit far fetched at the moment. The SelfieType project is a part of Samsung’s C-Lab incubator which hosts a number of experiments that don’t have a definitive market or launch date.

The good news is that CES 2020 is just a week away and with all the major companies taking up the big stage, it will be interesting to see what Samsung has in store for us.

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