Samsung partners with iFixit to offer Galaxy self-repair kits

August 3, 2022

In the past months, we heard the news about Apple and Google starting their self-repair service options for their customers. Now, Samsung is joining them by offering its own self-repair kits for certain Galaxy devices, namely S20, S20+, S20 Ultra, S21, S21+, S21 Ultra, and Tab S7+. The kits are now available in the US, made possible through Samsung’s partnership with the online repair site iFixit.

Initially, the kits will only cover a limited number of repairs for the said Galaxy devices, including replacing display assemblies, back glass, and charging ports. Each one will come with dedicated step-by-step repair guides and handy tools, such as precision bits, suction handle, magnetized driver, opening tool, spudger, and ESD-safe tweezers. On a side note, the prices of the kits will vary depending on the device’s repair parts you will order.

Users who will avail of the kits can also send back the used and broken parts to Samsung for recycling, helping the company push for its sustainability efforts.

“Working together with Samsung, we are making it easier for Galaxy owners to take product repair into your own hands,” iFixit says on its website promoting the new repair option, in addition to Samsung’s repair appointment service. With this offering, you can prolong the use of your devices, promote a circular economy and minimize e-waste.”

And while the repair parts and devices covered by this new offering from Samsung and iFixit are very limited, both companies promise to expand the service options in the future.

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