Samsung opens the Bixby Marketplace to users in U.S. and Korea


1, 2019

Samsung today announced the launch of the Bixby Marketplace to users in U.S. and Korea. The Bixby Marketplace will offer a wide range of capsules (skills) that can make Bixby more powerful. Some of the capsules that are available include Google Maps, Spotify, iHeartRadio, NPR, Yelp and more.

Here’s how Bixby Marketplace works:

  • Once the user launches the Bixby main page by pressing the Bixby key, they swipe left to get to the Bixby Marketplace.
  • Capsules can be added with a single tap of a button, and users can also rate and review capsules to ensure the highest quality Bixby capsules are the most visible to users in the Bixby Marketplace.
  • To add even more customization, users can set a capsule as the “preferred capsule” for certain types of requests. For example, if a user says “Get me a ride to San Francisco airport”, Bixby will prompt the user to pick one of the supported Rideshare capsules (Uber or Lyft).

Source: Samsung

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