Samsung Omnia W will get WIFI tethering with Windows Phone 7.8 update



WindowsPhoneItaly have been speaking to Samsung Italy and have some good news to share with Samsung Omnia W owners.

They report Samsung saying the roll-out to Windows Phone 7.5 owners of the updated software is now only waiting on Microsoft, and that the update will also bring WIFI tethering to the Samsung Omnia W, a feature that has been missing for a while.

They said:

“The release of new updates (like updating to Windows Phone 7.8) is programmed with timing dictated directly by Microsoft. 
When you choose to provide this update, we will also implement the function of tethering Omnia W “.

WP Italy checked again with Samsung support regarding WIFI tethering and they confirmed: “We are working to implement it in the new update.”

WIFI tethering is extra gravy on the Windows Phone 7.8 update, which already brings start screen and lock screen improvements to current 7.5 owners, especially since Samsung owners will not get the extra Nokia apps such as Bluetooth file sharing.

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