Samsung is testing a 15w wireless fast charger for the Galaxy Note 10

by Surur
July 3, 2019

Wireless chargers are increasingly popular, in part due to widespread support and convenience, and because it is less hard on your ports than plugging your device in constantly.

The main weakness of the technology, however, is its slow charging times, a function of the lower power of the transfer coils.

It appears however that Samsung is looking to change it, with a charger twice as powerful as today’s “fast” wireless chargers.

A new 15w wireless charger by Samsung has just passed through the FCC.

The device with model number EP-N5200, likely looks similar to the Samsung EP-N5100 pictured below:

The technology is not exactly new – the S10 also supported 15W charging, but it does bring wireless charging that much closer to the speed of wired charging.

The device may launch at the same time as the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, which will be formally announced on the 7th August 2019.

Via XDA-Dev

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