There has been a steady progression in the development of folding phone screen material, but the recent experience with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip’s Ultra-Thin Glass shows there is still a way to go.

Korean publication The Elec reports that Samsung is working on a new screen for their next foldable, which combined the best of Ultra-Thing Glass with the same screen technology as the original Samsung Galaxy Fold, which used polyimide as its screen cover.

According to The Elec, the layered screen would use transparent adhesive to get the best of both worlds – the rigidity of the Ultra-Thin Glass and the toughness of the polyimide plastic material.

SamMobile notes that such a device may produce a screen suitable to be used with the S-Pen, which would be a major win for the next Samsung Galaxy Fold.

The Elec warns however that the layered screen approach would simply be a stop-gap, due to complexity of manufacturing, and that Samsung is continuing to search for the ideal solution for their folding phone dreams.