Samsung to assist Google in foldable Pixel phone development

by Rahul
February 24, 2021

Samsung seems to have gained expertise in foldable display development, so much so that a lot of phone makers that are willing to launch their first-ever foldable phones are now reaching out to Samsung for help. According to a report published by The Elec, Samsung Display is planning to ship up to one million foldable OLED panels to different companies this year. And one of the companies that have sought help from Samsung in this regard is Google.

A couple of months ago, we reported Google will be launching its first-ever foldable device this year, and it seems the foldable panels that the company will be using will be of Samsung. Apart from this, we know nothing about what we can expect from Google’s foldable phone. But what we do know, however, is that Google’s yet-to-be-launched foldable smartphone is codenamed “Passport.”

Samsung won’t be shipping one million foldable display panels only to Google. The report says that besides Google, the South Korean giant is also looking to supply panels to a number of Chinese manufacturers, including Oppo, Vivo, and Xiaomi. All these companies are also expected to launch their first-ever foldable devices this year. However, it’s not clear whether Google and the other three Chinese brands settle on the traditional foldable form factor like the Galaxy Z Fold 2.

Meanwhile, Apple is seeking help from LG in the development of its foldable iPhone. Various reports are claiming that LG will supply the foldable display panels to Cupternito tech company. Apple, however, has no plans to launch the foldable iPhone this year, in fact, if sources are to be believed, it’s not coming before 2023 — that’s almost two years!

Foldable phones from Google, Oppo, Vivo, and Xiaomi, on the other hand, are expected to see the light of day in the second half of 2021. Needless to say, this year the market will be flooded by the new form factor, and we the tech enthusiasts cannot wait to get our hands on these upcoming new devices.

Let us know which brand’s foldable phone you’re excited about the most, down in the comments.

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