Samsung has a second Wireless Charger Duo for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

We have earlier seen pictures of the Samsung EP-N6100 Wireless Charger Duo solution for charging both your phone and Samsung Galaxy Watch but it seems Samsung has another, more compact dual-charging solution up its sleeve.

Roland Quandt has posted some new pictures of the Samsung EP-P3100 Wireless Duo Charger. From listings around the web the accessory will be available in white and black and will be able to fast charge 2 devices simultaneously, though how it will achieve this feat is not exactly clear.

According to a listing at reliable online retailer MobileFun:

Charge up to two devices at once including your Samsung Galaxy Note 9, with the official fast wireless charging pad in black. Spend less time waiting around for your phone to charge and more time doing what you want to do with this official charger.

The device appears set to retail for between £35 and £50, which is somewhat cheaper than what we expect for the larger EP-N6100.

The mystery will presumably be solved on the 9th August, when Samsung will reveal the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and its bevvy of official accessories.

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