Samsung official confirms Samsung Galaxy Note21 still coming



We reported in November that, contrary to rumours, Samsung has not cancelled the Samsung Galaxy Note21 yet, despite the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra definitely supporting the S-Pen.

Now another report from Korea, from an unnamed Samsung official, has once again confirmed the handset is indeed on the way.

Yonhap News reports the Samsung official revealed Samsung is “preparing to release the next Galaxy Note series next year,” and  “Roh’s message (that the S21 Ultra supporting the S-Pen) does not mean that the Galaxy Note series will be discontinued.

We had earlier reported that, according to an industry source, the Note 21 will, however, be reduced to only 1 model, rather than the two or even three the company has released recently, as Samsung tries to move high-end users to their foldable range. ETNews also confirmed that Samsung is trying to add S-Pen support to the Fold 3.

This is great news for those who want some element of ruggedness for their handsets (water and dust resistance for example) but it still seems likely the handset will no longer be Samsung’s technology and innovation flagship, as their emphasis moves increasingly to their foldables.

Hopefully, Samsung will work harder to differentiate the handset from the S21 Ultra, with reports that Samsung is testing support for an Under-Display Camera. The handset may also hit the market as early as July, months earlier than usual.

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via SamMobile

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