Samsung find a way to combine waterfall screens and physical buttons

by Surur
February 23, 2020

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Waterfall screens are super-attractive, but for many smartphone users, they will never be an option as they demand physical buttons on the side of their phones, which do not work very well when that area is occupied with your screen.

The solutions developed by companies that do sell phones with waterfall screens include pressure-sensitive haptic areas, but that still does not help you feel the buttons in the dark, or adjust the volume when your phone is in your pocket.

Samsung has fortunately found a solution which seem keeps fans of both features happy.

Samsung has found a new way to use their punch hole technology, but instead of using the hole for selfie cameras, they now use the gaps for physical buttons.

The patent dates to 2018, and was recently noticed by PatentlyMobile when it was published in February 2020.

As usual with patents, we do not know if or when the technology will show up in a product, but at least now fans of physical fans and waterfall screens will know that a compromise solution is possible.

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