Samsung finally working on a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold with a stylus silo

by Surur
October 30, 2020

The ultimate destination for the Fold series have always been stylus support, but Samsung has reportedly been having difficulties with the durability of the flexible display with stylus use.

Now a new patent from Samsung Electronics suggests they may have solved their issues.  The April 2020 patent filed at the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office) and published a few days ago describes how Samsung wants to make its folding tablet compatible with their S-Pen.

It shows the addition of a stylus silo at the bottom right of the folding phone without appearing to compromise its thickness.

There have been reports from Korea Samsung is looking to two other solutions for S-Pen support. One is to thicken the Ultrathin Glass from 30 micrometres to 60 micrometres and to switch to ‘Active Electrostatic Solution’ (AES) for their S-Pen, which is more expensive, but would support flexible displays better.

The patent however only mentions the older ‘Electromagnetic resonance’ (EMR) technology that is currently used on the Note series, but Samsung may not have made their final choice yet.

It remains to be seen if these innovations will make it to the Samsung Galaxy  Fold 3, but Samsung presumably still has a month or two to decide, with the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 expected in Fall 2021.

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