In a  press release Samsung has confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy S10 series will be getting many of the advanced feature of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, including Microsoft’s Link to Windows Your Phone feature.

The features, whch includes the built-in video ditor, AR Doodles, improved Dex support and more, will start rolling out to European markets in an update from the 23rd September.

The update will also improve the camera app, with improved Night Mode, Super Steady video stabilization and Live Focus video.

The update to Dex mode will allow S10 users to connect via USB to a PC or Mac and see their Dex desktop there.

“At Samsung Electronics, we’re constantly exploring ways to offer Galaxy device users the best possible smartphone experience, and this software update is an extension of that commitment,” said Jiyoung Mun, an engineer at Samsung Electronics’ Mobile R&D Office.

Handsets which will benefit include the Samsung Galaxy S10e, S10, S10+ and S10 5G. With the Samsung Galaxy S10 series having the same processor, screen and cameras as the Note 10, and being considerably cheaper, having software parity means Samsung users can save a lot of money by simply purchasing the older handset. Do our readers agree?