Samsung announced its annual executive reorg back in December, but due to some unavoidable circumstances, the company has made the reorg public today(via Sammobile).

Samsung’s major reorg includes Roh Tae-Moon taking over the position of DJ Koh as the new head of the smartphone division. Roh Tae-Moon has been with Samsung for more than two decades and inside Samsung, he’s known to be a specialist for phone features.

According to Samsung, Roh Tae-Moon will hopefully be able to bring fresh ideas to the table, which, in turn, is critical in maintaining Samsung’s lead in this smartphone business.

The new head of the smartphone division has some successful decision-making under his belt. Tae-Moon was responsible for outsourcing Samsung smartphones that ultimately brought down the cost. The new mobile chief also reshaped Samsung’s mid-range smartphone strategy.

The biggest competition that the company is going to face is from Huawei. The Chinese manufacturer is not far away from Samsung despite the U.S.A. sanctions, which limited Huwaei’s trade with American companies. As a result, the company’s latest flagship smartphones released with no Google Play Store, thus affecting the sales. Nevertheless, now that the U.S.A. President Donald Trump is on his way to sign a couple of trade deal with China, Huawei is expected to get some relief and that might include continuing the trade with American companies.

February 11 is when the new head of the smartphone division, Roh Tae-Moon will make his first public appearance on a global stage. Roh Tae-Moon will launch Samsung’s much-awaited flagship Samsung Galaxy S20 at the February 11 event.