Review: Nokia Lumia 920; Part 1: The packaging

by Lucas
November 11, 2012

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Since the 5th November the Nokia Lumia 920 is officially available in the most countries in Europe. It is Nokia’s flagship device and extremely important to the Finnish company as Nokia is in a big crisis, but also for Microsoft, because Windows Phone has a pretty small market share of just 3 per cent. The 920 is meant to change everything, but does it have a chance to do so? I’d say: Yes! It is an amazing device with stunning hardware and a powerful software. Learn more about the Nokia Lumia 920 in my review! Let’s start with the packaging:

Nokia is well known to be very into environmental protection. Not only Nokia’s device are eco-friendly, but also their packages. They are made as small as possible and of recyclable material. The package is made of cardboard and is very simplistic: On the front is a picture of three Lumia 920s, on the back are the specifications, like PureView, PureMotion HD+, Windows Phone or Carl Zeiss Optics.

Inside the box is the Lumia 920 (of course), the charging adaptor, a USB cable, an in-ear headset with separate earplugs and a user manual. When you connect the USB cable with the adaptor you will have a charger; a wireless charging pad is not inside the box. You have to buy it separately.

The headset inside the box has a nice and clear sound. For people who do not have/need high-end earphones, these are perfectly fine. Because of the earplugs in several sizes the headset will fit perfectly inside your ear. However, I’m using Nokia’s Purity by Monster, this is much better, of course.


Also inside the box is a SIM-door key. This one is made of aluminum and looks similar to the ceramic material the camera surround on the back of the phone is made of. You have to insert it into the hole on the top left of the phone; you may need to press a bit harder, like I had to, to open the SIM-tray.

All in all the content is pretty standard. Unlike the Lumia 800, there is for example no case inside the box.

So, this was the first part of my review about the Lumia 920. The second article will be about the look and feel of the device. If you have any specific questions you can write me an e-mail.

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