Resident Evil 2 remake will let players choose between a performance or graphics mode on Xbox One X

Your journey back to Raccoon City will be a whole lot prettier next January when the Resident Evil 2 remake releases. Announced at E3, the remake is powered by the same engine that Resident Evil 7 was built with. In a new interview with GamingBolt, Capcom brand manager Mike Lunn revealed that players will have an option to run at 4K on Xbox One X, or opt for a higher frame rate.

“Players will be able to play on Xbox One X and PS4 Pro in 4K,” said Lunn. “But if you choose to play in 4K you won’t be able to play at 60 frames per second. So it will run at 30 FPS. It is a stable frame rate.”

As for a standard Xbox One and PS4, Lunn said that “right now it is running at – we are targeting a high frame rate, but it’s still to be determined.”

This doesn’t rule out the possibility of 60FPS for each company’s base consoles, but it certainly won’t be running at 4K 60FPS. Lunn also did not specifically mention native 4K, so it’s unclear what the final resolution of the game will be on Xbox One X. In comparison, Resident Evil 7 is Xbox One X enhanced and runs at 4K 60FPS.

Via: GearNuke