Reportedly even Ubisoft doesn’t like Ubisoft’s NFTs

December 16, 2021
Ghost Recon Breakpoint Ubisoft

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According to a report from Kotaku, even Ubisoft employees aren’t on board with the companies latest bizarre venture, Ubisoft Quartz

In their report, Kotaku claims to have seen messages from Ubisoft’s internal social media hub, MANA, in which employees appear to be baffled and confused by the business decision, just as we were ourselves when the service nobody was asking for was announced last week.

“I still don’t really understand the ‘problem’ being solved here,” one employee reportedly wrote, while others voiced their concerns about potentially being forced to include needless NFTs (Non-fungible tokens) in their games.

As if that wasn’t bad enough for the French developer and publisher, people aren’t even buying the first wave of “Digits” NFTs, according to a new report by Stealth Optional, written by our former editor Lewis White. 

According to their report, despite listing 2,000 Quartz NFTs, which are all of the Wolves skin for the M4A1 Tactical weapon, Ubisoft has only managed to sell 4 of them, and none at the price that they wanted. 

Upon being minted, Ubisoft and Tezos blockchain auction website Objkt, listed one Quartz NFT, the Wolves #1212 skin, for 10,000 XTZ, which equates to roughly $46,000. This is obviously an obscene amount of money to spend on a gun with a unique number attached, and thankfully consumers think so too, as the item actually sold for just 20 XTZ, which is just around $91.

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As some small mercy, for now, Ubisoft’s Quartz is contained to just one of its worst games Ghost Recon Breakpoint, and it’s only available in a handful of countries. Ubisoft will no doubt be looking to expand the service, but hopefully, these incredibly disappointing sales will dissuade them from that idea.

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