Report: Microsoft cancels Windows 10X, will focus on Windows 10 alone

May 7, 2021
Microsoft Surface Neo 2 Windows 10X

Microsoft Surface Neo 2 Windows 10X

Back in May 2020, Microsoft announced that it is shifting its focus towards single-screen Windows 10X devices, instead of dual-screen devices as previously announced. In March 2021, Windows Central reported that Microsoft is now considering launching Windows 10X in late Spring, with the first Windows 10X devices launching later in the second half of 2021. According to the latest report by Petri, Microsoft has cancelled Windows 10X which was scheduled to launch later this year.

Here’s the summary of Petri’s report on Windows 10X:

  • Windows 10X is not delayed, instead Microsoft has dropped the plans to release Windows 10X.
  • Microsoft has allocated the Windows 10X resources to Windows 10.
  • Some Windows 10X features will be coming to Windows 10 in the future.
  • Microsoft believes that market expects fully capable Windows 10, not a ‘lite’ version of Windows 10 OS.

containers on windows 10 x

Source: Petri

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