Red Stripe Deals In Windows Store This Week: gl??k, Shark Dash, Chuggington Puzzle Stations, And more

Sharkdash Windows Store

This week’s Red Stripe Deals is now available in Windows Store. It includes gl??k! Twitter app, games like Shark Dash, Roman Empire, Success Story, the Treasures of Montezuma 3, and Chuggington Puzzle Stations. Find the full list below,

  • Shark Dash! by Gameloft is a fantastic physics puzzler that pits plastic shark toys against a flock of rubber duckies who’ve invaded their bathtub. Make your way through 96 levels in 4 splashy locations including Ancient Rome and Japan. Originally $1.99, get it now for $.99 in the Windows Store.
  • gl??k! – A full-featured Twitter app for both Windows and Windows Phone, gl??k! is loaded with goodies like allowing you to have unlimited accounts, saving stuff to read later (integrated with Pocket), and a view of random Tweets from around the world. Of course, you also get all the stuff you’d expect like Twitter timelines, mentions, and retweets. Now on sale in the Windows Store for just $4.99 (was $9.99) and in the Windows Phone Store for just $.99 (was $1.99).
  • Success Story! – Build a better burger, or just a cheaper, more profitable one, and compete to turn your burger joint into a successful burger empire. Play 7 mini-games in 10 different restaurants. Originally $6.99, you can own it for $2.99 this week in the Windows Store.
  • The Treasures of Montezuma 3 Premium – Match tokens to reveal sparkling treasures in exotic jungle settings including five treasure rooms and 40 treasure chests. Work your way through 160 arcade levels, and 40 puzzles. Originally $3.99, get it this week for $1.99 in the Windows Store.
  • Roman Empire – You play the role of Caesar, and your goal is to conquer all of Europe. Starting in 735 AD, you’ll build up armies and invade neighboring cities, strategize, mass, attack, and retreat, until the inevitable fall of the Roman Empire ends it all. Originally $2.99, get it this week for just $1.49 in the Windows Store.
  • Chuggington Puzzle Stations – From the maker of the popular BBC show for toddlers comes this puzzle game, where kids can visit 6 different train stations, complete jigsaw puzzles, find hidden objects, connect the dots, and earn special chugger cards. Get it this week for $1.99 in the Windows Store (originally $3.99). Also on sale for Windows Phone for just $.99 (originally $1.99).