Razer has laid off ‘roughly two percent’ of its workforce and the future of the Razer Phone 3 is now in doubt, according to an article from Droid Life.

The news comes in the wake of the announcement that the Razer Game Store is closing down, with Razer citing “the company’s realignment plans” as the reason for closure.

Droid Life received a statement from Razer that stated “some staff members [from their mobile division] were let go, and others were reassigned to other new projects”.

Razer’s statement to Droid Life is decidedly vague and only clarifies a small amount of details. However, it does confirm that there have been cuts in the company’s mobile division.

The statement in its entirety is as follows:

In our mobile division, there were some staff members who were let go, and others who were reassigned to other new projects. We see great opportunities in the mobile gaming space that we created with the Razer Phone and will continue to invest in this category through a combination of hardware and software initiatives. We are working on new exciting mobile projects and will share the news when we are ready. The Razer Phone 2 will continue to be on sale and we are committed to supporting it with the latest updates and features.

Droid Life also received an anonymous tip that initially informed them of staff cuts. The tip also said that the Razer Phone 3 had been canceled.

Razer’s responding statement doesn’t specifically comment on the future of the Razer Phone 3, but confirms that the cuts did happen and that the Razer Phone 2 will continue to be updated and supported for a while.

If you’re in the market for a Razer Phone, the Microsoft Store currently has some good deals on the original Razer Phone and the Razer Phone 2.

Source: Droid Life.