While Razer are one of the biggest name in gaming tech, their digital game store hasn’t fared so well. After just 10 months of operation, the Razer Game Store is set to close.

The news was broken in a short blog post with the store team citing “the company’s realignment plans” as the reason for closure. The store will cease operation on February 28th, 2019, at 1am PST.

The Razer Game store was a virtual storefront that allowed customers to buy digital games via the use of Steam and Uplay keys, similar to how Humble Bundle or GOG.com operate. The store offered incentives like discounts and virtual credits known as Razer Gold.

All games purchased from the store should still function after the closure. If you have any un-activated Steam or Uplay keys, you’ll need to retrieve them before February 28th. Pre-orders will also still be honored and the store’s customer support and Razer IDs will remain functional.

If you have any discount vouchers, they must be redeemed before the date of closure or else they’ll become null and void. Razer Silver, a currency earned from game store purchases, will still be valid. Customers will be able to redeem it for rewards even after closure.

The company say that they’ll be investing in other ways to offer great content and game promotions through Razer Gold. It’s currently unknown how this will be implemented.

Source: Razer Game Store blog.