Qualcomm says its new acquisition will help it catch up to the Apple M1

by Surur
July 2, 2021

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Qualcomm recently acquired Nuvia, a small startup founded by 3 former Apple engineers,  who the company hopes will help it catch up to Apple’s M1 chip and offer a viable processor to power laptops and desktops.

The engineers worked on Apple’s A-series chipsets and they are now, at Qualcomm, focussed on producing chipsets for laptops and desktops (and possible servers).

Qualcomm, who earlier this year paid $1.4 billion for the company, hopes to start selling laptop processors using their designs as early as next year.

Qualcomm’s new CEO, Cristiano Amon, has told Reuters, they also hope to make 5G a staple of these devices, and ultimately wants to displace Intel in the Windows laptop market, much like Apple did with their Apple M1 Macbooks.

Intel is not giving up without a fight, however, and according to reports the company is expected to release 5nm and 3nm chipsets by 2023, which should deliver much of the low-power performance improvements we now associate with ARM on the x86 platform.

via The Verge

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