Report: Intel to release 3nm processors for laptops in 2023


2, 2021

Microsoft intel logo

Nikkei Asia today published a new report about TSMC’s next-generation chip production technology. According to the report, both Intel and Apple are planning to use TSMC’s upcoming 3nm-based chip manufacturing process. Both Intel and Apple have started testing their chip designs and the manufacturing of these chip designs are expected to happen in late 2022. When compared to the current 5nm-based chips, 3nm-based chips are expected to offer 10%-15% improved performance and 25% to 30% reduced power consumption.

  • Intel now has at least two 3-nm projects to design chips for laptops and datacenter servers.

Intel confirmed to Nikkei that it is working with TSMC for its 2023 product lineup, but refused to confirm the production technology involved.

Source: Nikkei

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