PWAs on Chromium Edge to behave a lot like native apps in Windows 10

by Rahul
November 26, 2019

PWAs on Chromium Edge will soon behave a lot like native Windows 10 apps, according to Microsoft employee Johnjansen.

You’ll soon see PWAs in task-manager under their own name; you will also be able to uninstall them more easily, much like you can do with native Windows 10 apps. Microsoft also confirms that PWAs will get support for badges and unique jumplists in the coming days.

If you’re running Edge Version 80.0.344.0, you’ll now notice a new flag called Web Apps Identity Proxy, the description of which reads: “Enables installed Web apps to be created with more Windows application identity for better integration with Windows Shell”. Enabling the flag makes PWAs become more tightly integrated with the Windows shell, which, in turn, makes it behave a lot like a native Windows 10 app. This improvement in PWAs will require you to run Edge Version 80.0.344.0 and Windows 10 Build 19022 or newer.

However, enabling the Apps Identity Proxy flag doesn’t do anything now, meaning that the improved PWA experience is yet to come to Windows 10.

Microsoft recently added support for Jump Lists for PWAs in the Chromium Edge, an important step towards making the PWAs behave like native Windows 10 apps.

via Techdows

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